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 0:  Acting:  Alfred Hitchcock:  Amy Adams:  Animals:  Animals: Baby:  Animals: Rescued and Adopted:  Annie (  Anthony Hopkins:  Anthony Michael Hall:  April (  Autumn/Fall:  Batman: Harley Quinn:  Batman: Harley Quinn:  Batman: Joker and Harley:  Batman: Joker and Harley:  Batman: The Joker:  Batman: The Joker:  Batman: The Joker:  Birds:  Brad Dourif:  Brad Pitt:  Brenda (  Brian Cox:  Bruce Willis:  BtVS: Oz and Willow:  BtVS: [+] All Characters:  Buruma (,  Butterflies:  Camilla Belle:  Cats & Kittens:  Cats: Adopted & Rescued:  Cats: Black:  Christian Bale:  Christine (  Christmas:  Christmas Songs:  Cillian Murphy:  Colors: Blue:  Colors: Green:  Colors: Plum:  Creating/Maintaining Fanlistings:  Criminal Justice:  Crispin Glover:  Danielle Harris:  David Boreanaz:  Deborah (  Demora (  Dexter:  Dogs: Adopted & Rescued:  Dogs: Pugs:  Donnie Wahlberg:  Drew Barrymore:  Duplex:  Dylan (  Easter:  Eyes: Blue:  Fall Leaves:  Fanlisting Collectives:  Fanlistings:  Fireplaces:  Flowers:  Fog:  Forensic Files:  Friday the 13th:  Fridays:  From Hell:  Gemma Ward:  Gemstones: Garnets:  General: Vampires:  Giraffes:  Gotham:  Guinea Pigs:  Halloween:  Hamsters:  Hannibal Lecter Series: Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling:  Harry Potter: Severus Snape:  Harry Potter: [+] Death Eaters:  Hayden Christensen:  Heath Ledger:  Holidays:  Idris Elba:  Inception:  James Cagney:  James Spader:  Jamie Lee Curtis:  Jason Isaacs:  Jeff Goldblum:  Jeffrey Dean Morgan:  Jenn (  Jill (  Jodie Foster:  Joining Fanlistings:  Josh Brolin:  Josh Hartnett:  Julianne Moore:  Katie Cassidy:  Kevin Spacey:  Kristen Bell:  Kristina (  Lacy and Stephanie (  Lady Rose (  Languages: German:  Lily (  Lindsey (  Lindy (  Lisa (  Liv Tyler:  Lucy Liu:  Mandy (  Mark Hamill:  Mark Harmon:  Mark Wahlberg:  Matthew Gray Gubler:  Megan (  Melissa (  Mice:  Michael C. Hall:  Michelle Williams:  Mikh (  Monika (  Morgan Freeman:  Mornings: Autumn/Fall:  Neve Campbell:  New Years Eve/Day:  Night:  Nights: Autumn/Fall:  Numbers:  October:  Patricia Arquette:  Pets:  Photography: Black & White:  Pierce Brosnan:  Pinstripes:  President Trump:  Psychology:  Rachel McAdams:  Rats:  Rose McGowan:  Sandra Bullock:  Sarina (  Saw: John Kramer and Amanda Young:  Shawnee Smith:  Snow:  Sonya (  Staff (  Tea:  Thanksgiving:  The Nutcracker:  The Outsiders:  The Sixth Sense:  Tiffany (  Tim Curry:  Tom Felton:  Turtles:  Unsolved Mysteries:  Usagi (  Valentine's Day:  Weekends:  Words:

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